Business Valuation

group of people in a business meeting setting

There are numerous occasions when a business valuation is required, including owner and other stakeholder considerations.

National Realty Counselors provides business valuations of businesses, with a particular emphasis on companies where real estate or real estate finance are an integral component of the business or the overall business holdings, such as hospitality, self-storage, industrial/manufacturing concerns, sporting facility operations, and healthcare/medical practices.

Reasons for Business Valuation Services

There is a wide range of reasons that trigger the need for our clients to obtain a business valuation including:

  • Sale/merger of business
  • Valuation of partnership/ownership interests
  • Estate taxation/gifting
  • Buy-sell or capital events
  • Business dissolution/bankruptcy/liquidation
  • Financing/capitalization
  • Divorce

Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients are as varied as the reasons they seek a business valuation:

  • Business owners
  • Investors
  • Banks/lenders
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Investment management firms/equity funds

Recent Business Valuation Engagements

Appraisal assignments by National Realty Counselors include business valuations for:

  • A commercial real estate brokerage firm on behalf of a bank that financed both the business and the owned real estate of the company. National Realty Counselors was able to conduct separate appraisals for the going-concern business and the real estate owned, both of which were used as collateral for the business financing.
  • The going concern valuation of a gas station/convenience store that included allocations to the real estate, furniture, fixtures and equipment, inventory and intangible business interest.
  • Hotels and motels throughout the country. These include ad valorem appraisal assignments that address the intangible asset value and furniture, fixtures and equipment and how they relate to the going concern and the real estate. Kent D Steele, CRE, MAI, FRICS, routinely serves as an expert witness engaged by attorneys and property owners in assessment appeals for these types of properties.
  • A medical practice and the real estate owned by one member of the practice. National Realty Counselors was hired to conduct separate appraisals of the medical practice as a going-concern and the real estate owned by one member of the practice for estate taxation purposes.